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Our Story

Regina and Priya met in 2012 when they both worked for another early childhood program in town.  They both had a passion for working with children and families.  In 2015, their paths aligned and together they decided to start Avenues Early Childhood Services with the core tenets being integrity and quality.  It started as an idea and in 2023, we are now a dynamic team of nine equally as passionate individuals.  

Our Mission

Welcome to Avenues Early Childhood Services-the leader in relationship-based services for McKinley County.  Avenues Early Childhood Services was founded in May 2015 by Priya Sudarsanam and Regina I. Huffman with the mission to provide no-cost high-quality parent support to all families in McKinley county, from the prenatal period until 5 years old. At Avenues Early Childhood Services, we believe in learning, growing, and serving our community while at the same time, laughing and playing.

Our Logo

In 2015, Priya traveled to New Zealand on vacation.  While hiking, she saw the NZ fern up close and was amazed at the shapes and patterns within the fern. She then learned that the Koru (Māori for '"loop or coil") is a spiral shape based on the fern. It symbolizes new life and beginnings, growth, strength and peace:  the pillars

of Avenues Early Childhood Services. 

Our Vision

Avenues envisions that as a result of our program, McKinley County and New Mexico will no longer be last in child well-being among the 50 states.  Social issues related to poverty and historical trauma will no longer have an effect on a child's future.  

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