Our Approach

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All Avenues programs are voluntary and every family in the McKinley County community is welcome and encouraged to participate. Our friendly and dedicated team members use a strength-based approach in assisting families to create a safe space for the children at home.
Once established, we aid in nurturing the development of the children. By supporting the parents and caregivers, we can unite the community as one to create a healthy environment in which our children will thrive.



First and foremost, YOU! The participating family decides the timeline and goals for the program based on their needs and personal concerns. 


The team will contact the family within a few days after receiving the referral.


The family, together with their assigned home visitor, will decide on the number of visits throughout the program. In general, the ideal schedule is one visit per week. 


We use the curriculum “Partners for Healthy Babies” to guide visits. YOUR well-being and independence are our priorities. We make sure to do what we can so that participation in our program benefits you and your baby the most.


Any member of the community can participate in the program by referring themselves or being referred by another family or partner organization. 


The family will meet with a home visitor who will provide information about participation in the Avenues program.  The home visitor will answer questions and discuss confidentiality, scheduling, goal making, etc.  If the family decides to register, preliminary information and paperwork will be completed and the next home visit will be scheduled.


Various screenings related to their child's overall and social/emotional development, to support and well-being of the family and mother and perspectives on parenting will be conducted.

Our Approach