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Meet the Team

Co-Founder/ Director of Operations

Regina I. Huffman

I believe in equity especially when it comes to our children. I believe our society owes it to our children to provide them with what they need to grow up happy and healthy. 

CFO HR Manager

Andrew Holderbin

Training Specialist and Consultant

Ginny Beamsley

I believe that every young child and their family deserves to be a part of a community that works together to provide an environment, nurturing, and respectful as it lays a foundation for a future of hope and personal success for its children. 

Home Visitor

Dottie Rangel

I believe that life should be lived freely without any judgment or hindrance in any way. 

Co-Founder/ Director of Development

Priya Sudarsanam

I believe all people have a diving birthright to abundance in all areas of their life and from this place, they can create the life of their dreams. 

Program Manager

Antoinette Rodriguez

Equality is my purpose. I believe one person can make a difference by being passionate and leading by example

Home Visitor


Eric Thomas

I believe that every child deserves to be raised in a strong, and healthy environment, and that it takes a village to raise a child. 

Home Visitor


Fatima Saleck

I believe that every individual deserves to be seen from a radically loving and kind perspective.

Home Visitor


Beatriz Cornejo

I believe all people deserve the chance to grow and thrive in a caring and supportive environment and community.

Home Visitor

Marsha Murphy

I believe that every child should be raised in a happy environment. Parents should be there to listen and do the best they can to raise their children in a happy and positive environment as much as possible.

Home Visitor

Toby Lee

I believe people are ultimately responsible for their own well-being, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. The decisions that they will make them who they are in life. 

Languages spoken by our team: English, Navajo, Spanish, and Tamil.

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