About Us

“We find our true selves when we lose ourselves in the service of others.”

Avenues Early Childhood Services Inc is dedicated to supporting families as they build positive and nurturing relationships within their family and with the individuals, groups and businesses in the community. Through culturally appropriate community programs, Avenues Avenues supports the community to become healthier and to improve its economic growth as a whole. 

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Our Vision

We envision a community where all families thrive as one in raising healthier, safer, and more socially involved children regardless of their cultural background. Avenues aims for every family in the McKinley County community to gain improved access to resources and become better support systems for their children.

Our Mission

We are catalysts of transformation in the lives of all families in the McKinley County community by providing free support in breastfeeding, home safety,  child development, and other family advocacies. Our program is culturally sensitive as it serves people from different backgrounds. 

Meet Our Team

“We are a team of dedicated individuals with genuine concern for the families in the McKinley County community.
The smiles of children flourishing happily in their community are more than enough motivation for us to keep going.”