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Home Visiting

The Avenues Early Childhood Services’ Home Visiting program provides both developmental support to children and emotional support to parents. In this program, a highly trained member from the Avenues team visits the family regularly from the prenatal period until the child turns five to provide support based on the family’s own predetermined goals. 


What is Avenues Early Childhood Services home visiting program?

This program reaches out to families expecting their newest child. Instead of having families visit us, we visit them in their most comfortable and convenient setting, their home. 
There, the families identify program goals based on the unique needs of their child and family. The home visitor works with them in identifying and following through on the actions needed to achieve those goals. The assigned Avenues home visitor visits their homes regularly from when the child is in the mother's womb until he/she turns five years old. During this period, the family can benefit from the program's support in essential child-raising areas such as their development, health, well-being, and safety at home. Parents are also provided with tools to develop strong relationships and build reflective capacity. 

Why home visiting?

No place nurtures and molds children more than their own home. The children's first years of life are the most crucial for their brain development and overall wellness and ability to become valuable members of society as they grow. 
This program targets the primary source of nurture for children: their home. Home Visiting ensures the parents' well-being and capabilities to provide their children with a loving functional home. 


What will happen during the first visit?

A few days after the Avenues team receives the referral, the family is contacted by our team to schedule the first visit. 
The family will get the chance to learn all about the Home Visiting program during the first visit. Avenues is a voluntary program and families may join or withdraw at any time.  If a family chooses to participate, they will receive information regarding the expectations of the home visitor and the family as well as regarding the confidentiality they can expect. 

What happens during home visits?

The course of this program depends on the family. The family will set the goal for the program based on their plans for their family and the concerns that they have within their community. 

The family will also decide the number of visits they need and will allow the team. The team highly encourages weekly visits to monitor the child’s development while working on the family’s goals and relationship with the visitors. These visits can occur face-to-face or via telehealth. 
Various assessments, such as early interventions, will be conducted during the visits to help the team decide whether the family needs more services to attain their goal. The home visitors abide by the “Partners for Healthy Babies” and SafeCare curriculums as their guide during the home visits. 


How do I enroll in your program?

A simple referral allows anyone in the community to be a part of the program. A family can refer themselves or can be referred by another member of the community or organization. 

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